Nature of Business


At present, SAWAD Group offers secured retail loans under the service slogan“ Mee Baan Mee Rod Ngern Sod Than Jai”. The lending services consist of hire purchase loans for new motorcycles and personal loans; in addition, the Company has just expanded its business to cover debt collection business and purchase of distressed assets from financial institutions for management.

The secured retail loan services are classified by types of lending and collaterals as discussed below:

  • Auto-backed loans and home-backed loans: The Company provides loans secured by all kinds of old vehicles including motorcycles, commercial cars, trucks, public buses, vehicles for agricultural purposes, e.g., tractors and rice harvesters, and four-wheel cars. The services also include loans collateralized by houses, land, townhouses and condominiums.

    To seek auto title loans, potential customers are required to own the right of the vehicle registration, which is essential for legal transactions. The legal transactions can be inked into two types, namely loan agreements and hire purchase contracts. In case of the loan agreement, customers are requested to present the vehicle registration certificate to the Company as collateral but they do not have to transfer the ownership to the Company. On the other hand, customers seeking hire purchase loans are requested to transfer the ownership of the vehicle registration to the Company.

    As for home-backed loans, customers are requested to hold the ownership of the deed. This lending service also comes with two kinds of legal transactions, i.e., loan agreement and mortgage agreements or consignment contracts.
  • Fast Money Co., Ltd. offers hire purchase loans for new motorcycles , non-secured personal loans and Nano finance loans.
  • As for the debt collection business and the purchase of distressed assets from the financial institutions for management, this business is operated by Srisawad Asset Management.
  • Srisawad International Holding Co., Ltd. founded in 2015 for invest in other business in Thailand or aboard.

As of 31 December 2015, SAWAD Group’s total receivable portfolios amounting to Baht 11,568.14 million, consisting of the total auto title loan receivables amounting to Baht 6,505.08, hire purchase loan receivables of Baht 2,937.64 million, the home-backed loan receivables valued at Baht 2,068.09 million and new motorcycle hire purchase and personal loan receivables of Baht 57.33 million, accounting for 56.23 percent, 25.39 percent, 17.88 percent and 0.50 percent, respectively, of the total loans.

Examples of Collaterals

Four-wheel and six-wheel commercial vehicles
Ten-wheel vehicles
Rice Harvesters
Personal Cars
Personal Pick-up
Deeds of house