Nature of Business


At present, SAWAD Group offers secured retail loans under the service slogan “Srisawad Ngern Sod Than Jai”. The lending services consist of hire purchase loans for new motorcycles and personal loans; in addition, the Company has just expanded its business to cover debt collection business and purchase of distressed assets from financial institutions for management. The details of the Company’s business as follows:

Company Business
Srisawad Corporation Public Company Limited Holding business (former: provided secured loans, for complying to BoT regulation
according to invest in finance company, the Company has to transform to holding
company and transferred business to Srisawad Power 2014 Co., Ltd.)
Srisawad Finance Public Company Limited Finance business providing deposits, corporate lending, projects lending, consumers lending, car for cash and house for cash
Fast Money Co., Ltd. Offers hire purchase loans for new motorcycles , non-secured personal loans
and Nano finance loans. (At present suspense hire purchase loans and non-secured personal loans)
SWP Asset Management Co., Ltd. Provides debt collection serviceand the purchase of distressed assets from
the financial institutions for management
Srisawad International Holding Co., Ltd To invest in other business in Thailand or aboard
Srisawad Power 2014 Co., Ltd. Provides debt collection service and provide loans secured by houses, land,
townhouses and condominiums and all kinds of old vehicles including motorcycles,
commercial cars, trucks, public buses, vehicles for agricultural purposes, e.g.,
tractors and rice harvesters, and four-wheel cars by hire purchase contract and
motorcycle for cash.
SWP Services Co., Ltd. Provides consultancy services to implement and manage the creditprovision
process from end to end in ASEAN
United Coastal Co., Ltd To invest and/or Joint venture in finance business for retails aboard
Srisawad Vietnam LLC Vehicles credit sales in Vietnam and provide secured loans (at present,suspense
vehicles credit sales)
Srisawad Leasing Laos
Obtained leasing license in Laos and will start leasing business in 2018

As of 31 December 2017, SAWAD Group’s total receivable portfolios amounting to Baht 22,148.95 million, consisting of the total auto title loan receivables amounting to Baht 10,263.65 million, hire purchase loan receivables of Baht 4,805.80 million, the home-backed loan receivables valued at Baht 6,489.09 million and new motorcycle hire purchase and personal loan receivables of Baht 590.41 million, accounting for 46.34 percent, 21.70 percent, 29.30 percent and 2.66 percent, respectively, of the total loans.

Examples of Collaterals

Four-wheel and six-wheel commercial vehicles
Ten-wheel vehicles
Rice harvesters
Personal Cars
Personal Pick-up
Deeds of house and land